Philip Nutman (1963-2013)

PhilipNutmanPhilip Nutman died October 7 in Atlanta after being taken off life support.

His novel Wet Work (1993) received a Bram Stoker Award nomination. Two shorter works “Full Throttle” and “Churches Of Desire” were included by Karl Edward Wagner in The Year’s Best Horror Stories XIX (1991) and XX (1992).

He was Fangoria’s first British Correspondent and wrote over 120 feature articles during his 10 years with them. He was the first reporter to interview Clive Barker for a national American magazine.

“Clive was the first successful published author I met who took a serious interest in my initial fumbling attempts at fiction, and who gave me an enormous amount of advice and encouragement. He really was a mentor at the time I needed one the most,” Nutman wrote.

As a freelance media journalist Nutman sold over a thousand articles to magazines including Penthouse, Spin, Twilight Zone, The Comic Buyer’s Guide and Gorezone. He wrote and edited over fifty comic books, had a number of screenplays under option, and once was even cast as the villain in a horror movie.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]