Horvath TAFF Itinerary

TAFF logo westBy Jim Mowatt: Nina Horvath will be traveling as TAFF delegate to North America on August 12 to start her revels in Seattle before moving on to Spokane, California, Las Vegas and Toronto. Many of you will meet her at Worldcon and hopefully a few of you will get to see her during the post Worldcon travels. Here’s the trip:

August 12 Fly from Linz – Lufthansa 1257 at 0600 via Frankfurt – Arrive SEA 12:00 Condor 3048 – stay at Jane’s house
August 13 Stay with Jane – Randy Byers taking Nina to Prologue
August 14 Prologue Hotel
August 15 Prologue Hotel
August 16 Prologue Hotel
August 17 Prologue Hotel
August 18 Worldcon
August 19 Worldcon
August 20 Worldcon
August 21 Worldcon
August 22 Worldcon
August 23 Worldcon
August 24 Roadtrip to the Bay with Kathy Mar
August 25 Roadtrip to the Bay
August 26 In California with Kathy Mar in San Leandro
August 27 In California with Kathy Mar in San Leandro
August 28 In California with Kathy Mar in San Leandro
August 29 In California transfer to Lucy Huntzinger
August 30 In California with Lucy
August 31 In California with Lucy
September 1 In California with Lucy
September 2 Fly to Vegas from SFO terminal 2 Virgin America 910 arrive Las Vegas 1300 terminal 3 – staying with Nic Farey
September 3 Vegas – Nic Farey
September 4 Vegas – Alan and Dedee
September 5 Vegas – Alan and Dedee
September 6 Vegas – hotel – Jacq and John
September 7 Vegas – hotel – Jacq and John
September 8 Fly to Toronto to meet Catherine Crockett – depart Las Vegas, Mccarran Int’l (LAS) at 1150 terminal 3 – Arrive Toronto Pearson 1855 terminal 1 – AC 1852
September 9 Toronto
September 10 Toronto
September 11 Toronto
September 12 Toronto
September 13 Toronto
September 14 Fly home to Linz – Toronto Pearson 16:40 terminal 1 AC872 via Frankfurt – arrive Linz on ac9008 15th September 1000

Prolog(ue) to the Very Big Worldcon Thing

If Seattle is on your way to the 2015 Worldcon, is near where you live, or just seems like a perfectly nice place to attend a fannish gathering, Prolog(ue) could be for you.

As Ulrika O’Brien explains, the idea was successfully tried before on the Other Side of the Pond:

Once upon a time, in the late days of the last century, there was a Very Big Worldcon Thing in Britain, and some fans there thought it would be nice to hold a smaller convention just before it, to make a space to gather up their visiting friends from far and foreign places and also local fans who could perhaps not attend a Very Big Worldcon Thing, so that they could all find each other to hang out  and drink tasty drinks and play silly games  and build upon the legends of their tribe together.  And so they did that thing, and they called it Precursor, and it was good.

Precursor was held in 1995 before Intersection.

Prolog(ue) 2015 will happen in the vicinity of Seattle, east of Sea-Tac airport in Renton, on August 14-16 (the weekend before Sasquan). It will be a low-key fannish and literary event with a bit of programming, plenty of food and drink, and lots of hanging around the consuite, pool, and lobby having conversations with other fans.

Jane Hawkins is handling hospitality, Suzanne Tompkins is the hotel liaison, Denys Howard will take care of registration and memberships, Randy Byers has agreed to be Managing Editor of the fanzine/progress report, Mark Plummer and Claire Brialey are the UK agents, Scott Kriedermacher is in charge of craft beer procurement, and Ulrika O’Brien is the convention chair and promotions czar.

The Prolog(ue) website is here. There’s also a Facebook group  and a Facebook event page.

The convention will take place at the Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center: Seattle-Renton. Room Rate: US $139 / Night (1 King / 2 Queen)

Membership rates through May 16 are $30 (US) / $39 (Canada/Australia) /  £20 (UK) / €28 (Europe).

Supporting memberships are $15 (US) / $19 (Canada/Australia) / £10 (UK) / €14 (Europe).