PW Help Wanted: Reviewers

Rose Fox says on Publishers Weekly’s “Genreville” blog that she’s looking for more book reviewers:

I’m surprised to find that I’m a little short on reviewers, especially for mass market romance (of all kinds, from historical to paranormal) and thrillers. I also seem to have misplaced a bunch of emails from people who wrote to me the last time I put an ad out, so if you applied before and haven’t heard from me, please feel free to apply again.

At this point I am only looking for people who have already done a lot of nonfiction writing, preferably book or movie reviewing, and are familiar and comfortable with the editorial process, small wordcounts (I ask for 180-200 words and edit them down to about 145), and tight deadlines. The pay is $25 per review and I generally send each reviewer about one book every two weeks, though if I bring on many more reviewers that may stretch to one book every three or four weeks.

The instructions for applying are at the end of her post.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

Arisia Conreport in PW

Who knew that Publishers Weekly Genreville blogger Rose Fox helps run a con? Well, I guess plenty of people knew she runs Arisia’s green room — and now so do I.

Fox’s January 20 installment “On the Road: Arisia 2009, and Fannish Collectivism” explores the con’s unique dealers’ set-up. Rather than using the typical setup of a ballroom filled with tables, at Arisia they set aside a floor of sleeping rooms where dealers are allowed to sell their wares. (Dennis McCunney explains in a comment that this arrangement emphatically is the exception, not the rule.) Fox notes:

One of the dealer rooms was rented by a group called Hot Chicks with Books: several female writers who pooled their money and time to create a little temporary collective bookshop selling their work. A couple of the participants have said it was extremely successful and they look forward to doing it again next year and perhaps at other cons.

[Thanks to Francis Hamit for the link.]