SFWA Launches Indie Pub 101 Resource Hub

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) has launched the first wave of resources for Indie Pub 101, a new section of the SFWA.org website. Developed by the SFWA Independent Authors committee, Indie Pub 101 provides up-to-date resources for independent authors, so they can improve their craft, produce professional books, and promote their work competitively in the digital marketplace.

Whether veterans of traditional publishing or brand-new authors with debut books in hand, independent authors, also known as self-publishing authors, must take on the multiple roles of designer, publisher, and publicist, which can be daunting. Indie Pub 101 will help. Its first three sections are now available at SFWA.org

  • Making the Book delves into the nuance of turning written text into an actual product.
  • Sales Channels walks authors through how and where to sell their product.
  • Marketing the Book primes authors for the daunting task of driving interested readers to their work. 

These resources draw from the varied and expansive knowledge of the members of the SFWA Independent Authors Committee. Future installments will include resources that help indie authors design and draw attention toward their author websites and share the benefits and challenges of becoming a small business themselves. 

For questions, email [email protected].

[Based on a press release.]

SFWA Drops “America” From Name

SFWA now stands for The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. The Board announced to members yesterday a decision taken last November to file and “do business as” the new name. However, the corporate name will remain the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. for reasons explained below.

We know this is a big change, especially for some of our long-term members and we’d like to assure you that the decision was contemplated for quite some time.

In addition to finding ways for SFWA to be more inclusive, many of our international members lobbied the Board to point out that having “of America” in our name needlessly excluded them. Over a quarter of the 2100+ members we serve both live and work in non-US countries and territories. Changing our name is not only a part of the natural progression of our organization, but one that recognizes that SFWA has grown beyond a once US-centric focus. 

The Board says that once the filing is complete, which they expect to be in late spring, the nonprofit organization will adopt that name for most purposes.

The reason for filing to “do business as” The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association instead of changing the name of the corporation is —

taking this path does not require the monumental effort to change our incorporation status and bylaws with California or within the IRS. Doing business as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association will still allow us to comply with fundraising laws across all United States, and territories.

Until the filing process is complete, SFWA will continue to operate as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.