Another Fan in Forbes

Classic zine fan Tony Ubelhor is featured in Forbes’ article “5 Reasons To Go Back To College After 50”:

Consider Tony Ubelhor, who found himself out of a job in 2009 at age 55. He’d been teaching English, writing and American literature at the University of Kentucky, but a departmental reorganization resulted in layoffs. Because he had a master’s in English but not a Ph.D., a tenure-track teaching job — and therefore job security — was out of reach.

So Ubelhor researched his next move. He learned that the University of Kentucky offered an online Master of Library Science degree and discovered that job opportunities in the field were plentiful. To facilitate getting the degree, and a job, fast, Ubelhor took out about $20,000 in student loans and went back to school full-time.

“The hardest thing about it was taking on student loan debt,” he said. “But I figured it was worth it to become gainfully employed again as quickly as possible.”

Last year, at 59, Ubelhor landed a tenure-track position as assistant professor for Library Science at Columbia Basin College in Washington, making significantly more money than he did before.

Following-up the Forbes piece, UK School of Library and Information Science’s website also posted a long interview with Ubelhor.

Fans are suddenly big news at Forbes — last month the publication covered several well-known book dealers in Forbes Visits the Hucksters Room.