Ellison Joins Archon 39 Lineup

Archon 39 has added to a slate already loaded with talent the nonpareil storyteller Harlan Ellison as a special guest.

Guest of Honor Jacqueline Carey, TM Esther Friesner, Artist GoH Brent Chumley, Filk GoH Tricky Pixie. Masquerade MC Victor Milán, Media GoH R.J. Haddy, and Science GoH Jordin T. Kare will also be honored in Collinsville, IL over the October 2-4 weekend.

Ellison gave a shout-out to Toastmistress Esther Friesner on his blog on May 13 —

Yet another reason to be looking foward to going to ARCHON in St. Louis in October with Susan! Hooking up with Arnie & Cathy Fenner of SPECTRUM, hanging with Mark Tiedemann, seeing the Arch again after so many years, having a gorgeful of Crackle and burnt ends BBQ, getting to shake the hands of the Libertarian Futurist Society attendees whose gorgeous award arrived by post only an hour ago … and now to know I’ll’ be hugging my dear friend Esther Friesner after too many years apart! SAINT LOUIE!!!!!!!!! What’s not to love??!!!!

Reno Adds Tricky Pixie as Special Guest

Tricky Pixie

Tricky Pixie

The musical group Tricky Pixie has been selected by the Renovation committee as a special guest of the 2011 Worldcon.

A popular group in the Pacific Northwest since it started performing in 2007, its members are S. J. Tucker,  Alexander James Adams and Betsy Tinney, “animated entertainers, capable of taking the listener on a musical journey ranging from Celtic rock, to haunting and bluesy a cappella numbers, to sweetly sung circus lullabies and even to roaring tribal folk songs.”

Their current album is Mythcreants. You can listen to one of the cuts at the 2011 Worldcon website.

The full press release appears after the jump.

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