Getting Home from Westercon

Four fans who survived the auto wreck that claimed Bert Carlson’s life planned to fly home after Westercon.

During the weekend, Deb Geisler posted this update and call for action:

There were four other fans with her — three were treated and released from the hospital; a fourth suffered major trauma to his hands and had surgery to reconnect fingers on one hand. Now there are four fans at Westercon who need to get home, and there is a quiet campaign (just made a bit louder by me) to help collect donations to cover their return flights.

Will Boyde purchased airline tickets for himself and the other three survivors so they could get home. Donations were requested at Westercon, online by Deb and through the Norwescon community (among others) to help Will defray the cost. Any excess funds received will be donated to Roberta Carlson’s family. Donations can be made through PayPal to: wboyde @