Axe Apollo Launches . . . Ad Campaign

It’s been written that in the vacuum of space no one can hear you scream. Doubtless it’s also true that no one can smell your B.O — but a wise astronaut will avoid being pitched out of the airlock by using Axe Apollo body spray.

Isn’t that the message?

When 82-year-old Moon landing icon Buzz Aldrin steps to the podium and announces that the Axe ApolloSpace Academy contest will select someone to ride into space, you know there are two immediate responses. The few, who are inspired to take the challenge and compete for an epic trip. And the many, who say, “Maybe I’ll just work on smelling good.” Axe hopes there are enough of the latter to turn a tidy profit on this campaign, because it can’t be cheap to book launch with the space tourism company SPACEXC.

Top-voted candidates will qualify for the Axe SpaceAcademy challenge weekend, held this summer, where they will face physical and mental NASA-style tests.

The four strongest candidates will then be flown to Orlando, Florida, to experience what it is really like to be an astronaut in the final series of challenges.

Only one lucky winner will secure their place to go to space in 2014.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]