Take Back The Art

James Bacon covers a rare kind of art exhibit in a new post for Forbidden Planet.

Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein currently has a show on at the Tate Modern —

While the public is intimately familiar with his work, what they may be unaware of is that many of his images were directly “appropriated” from comic artists like Irv Novick, Russ Heath, Jack Kirby, John Romita and Joe Kubert, who received no fee or credit.

Says James, “It is therefore incredibly exciting to hear, that Rian Hughes (‘Yesterday’s Tomorrows’, ‘Cult-Ure’, and ‘Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s’) has initiated an art show entitled ‘Image Duplicator’ to be held at Orbital Comics on Neal St, Leicester Square, London, from May 16th to the 31st, coinciding with the end of the Tate’s Lichtenstein show.”

Click on the link to James’ post for full details.

4 thoughts on “Take Back The Art

  1. I have no respect for Roy Lichtenstein. Apart from misappropriating other artists work, he does them no favours by holding them up to a cultivated audience to be sneered at as “rustic” or “unsophisitcated” work. You know what’s unsophisticated? Snobbery is … and that makes Mr. Lichtenstien the bumpkin in my books.

  2. The composition and basic idea of the Turner Prize painting is lifted entirely from the original SF magazine cover. What saves it from being outright plagiarism is only that the colours are different and the basic shapes different in small details. The imitation can’t be mistaken for the original, but neither could anyone who wasn’t blind miss the connection. All the more reason to believe that in some people’s minds the distinction between Fine Art and peasant art is entirely a matter of caste.

  3. Once is an Homage. Twice are Swipes. The Third makes it Plagiarism, Fourth and beyond are wholesale theft.

    Mr. Lichtenstein clearly has a contempt for comic art and comic artists. His own actions are what are contemptible.

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