Team File 770’s 30 Books for the Self-Published Science Fiction Contest

The inaugural Self Published Science Fiction Competition (SPSFC) judging teams have now been assigned their books — here are the titles, authors and covers of the works that will be judged in the first round by Team File 770 – Cora Buhlert, Rogers Cadenhead, Sarah Duck-Mayr, and Mike Glyer:

SPSFC art by Tithi LuadthongLogos designed by Scott (@book_invasion)

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15 thoughts on “Team File 770’s 30 Books for the Self-Published Science Fiction Contest

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  2. The competition process has us reading about 20% of each of these 30 books and giving it a yes/no vote to recommend that the team read it in full. Then 10 books with the most “yes” votes are read in full by the team and scored. And then there’s more steps to do after that, but that’s the answer to your initial question — we don’t divide them up.

  3. That sounds like a much more do-able screening process. It’s still a lot of books to read! What’s your deadline to complete the process?

  4. Wow, GO TEAM! :-). That’s a lot of books, even at 20%. I applaud you all (and the other judges/judging teams)!

  5. Excellent! I like following Mark Lawrence’s fantasy version, so an SF version is very welcome.

    What was the criteria for the entries? Obviously not “released in the last year” because a couple I checked out seem to be a few years old (e.g. Lost Solace). Then again, a spin-off series based on that book is still going (Tales of Lost Solace), and maybe it just made sense to start at the beginning?

    Either way, always good to get some reading recs from the results.

  6. markle sparkle: The basic eligibility requirements were —

    1) Your book must be a standalone or the first in a series.
    2) One book per author. So send your best!
    3) It must be a novel, not an anthology.
    4) The book must be self-published and available for purchase now.
    5) Works must be at least 50,000 words.

    No restriction on year of publication.

  7. Thanks Mike!

    For those that want to follow along, I’ve noticed that these ones are only a buck on Kindle:

    Where Weavers Daire by R. K. Bentley (also $1 on Smashwords)
    The Hammond Conjecture by M B Reed
    Harvested by Anthony O’Brien
    Don’t Speak by Vanessa Heath
    A Touch of Death by Rebecca Crunden

  8. Additionally at Smashwords:

    No Easy Road by Greg Camp is only $1
    Sidnye (Queen of the Universe) by Scott Fitzgerald Gray is half the Kindle price
    The Dark Realm (Feyland Book 1) by Anthea Sharp is FREE!

  9. Mark Bondurant has several books – I got the first one at Smashwords, but since then they’ve all been at the Large South American River, either pb or Kindle. There’s a trilogy and at least one stand-alone. First volume of the trilogy is “Red Jacket: the Autubiography of Calista Antoine” (link provided because it’s otherwise hard to get to).

    He used to work as a programmer at Disney, and death will not release him, either.

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