Tell Your Friends — I’m Batman

bat signal SMALLThe Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour has added a Batman Exhibit. Danny DeVito, who played The Penguin in Batman Returns, and Jim Lee, Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment, headlined a press event to officially launch the exhibit on June 26.

DeVito lit the Bat-Signal in the Studio’s Picture Car Vault, where tourists can see the Batpod, Tumbler and Batmobile. And he visited a life-sized likeness of himself as The Penguin at the Warner Bros. Museum, where props, costumes and other memorabilia are on display.

The Batman Exhibit will be featured on the tour for a limited time. The full 2 hour and 15 minute tour covers the studio’s 110-acre backlot located at 3400 W. Riverside Drive Burbank, CA.

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