Texas Calling

This has been a hectic, hyperfannish week for me, bookended by Westercon in Pasadena and Mythcon in Dallas. I think it’s the first time I’ve attended conventions on consecutive weekends — somehow I never needed to, unlike some veteran worldcon bidders I could name.

Diana, Sierra and I are together at Mythcon 41. And I’m posting this just after we all participated in a reader’s theater organized by David Bratman to reprise one of Charles Williams’ Amen House masques. Sierra, age 8, did a great job as The Manuscript. Emily Rauscher, who originated that role at a long-ago Mythcon, was cast this time as Master Librarian. (So how long ago was that Mythcon? Well, Emily was probably in high school then, and this year she’s a newly-minted Ph.D.)  Bernie Phillips Bratman and David were stellar as those rival managers Alexis and Dorinda. Diana took the narrator’s role while I was gruff Colin.

More about Mythcon tomorrow.   

One thought on “Texas Calling

  1. Since you hadn’t posted in a week, I was wondering if your net connection had gone down again, but I see you were indulging in an alternative form of fanac instead. Cool.

    You should be so proud of Sierra. She continues to amaze me with the stories you tell of her. You and Diana are raising a remarkable daughter.

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