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Steve Davidson, The Crotchety Old Fan, has rounded up a brain trust to advise him as he goes about relaunching Amazing Stories.

Serving as his board of advisors in a voluntary capacity are four former editors of Amazing Stories, Barry Malzberg, Patrick L. Price, Ted White and Joseph Wrzos (who edited under the pen name Joseph Ross). Each has extensive experience in the sf genre as an author, agent, editor, collector and/or historian. 

Also, Frank Wu has been enlisted to create the cover for the Davidson’s first issue of Amazing Stories. 

The full press release follows the jump.


Amazing Stories Project Announces Editorial Advisory Board; Commissions Cover Art

Hillsboro, NH 10/21/11 – Steve Davidson (Crotchety Old Fan) who recently acquired the Trademarks for Amazing Stories, has announced the creation of an Editorial Advisory Board to assist in the re-launch of the world’s first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories.

Currently serving on the board in a voluntary capacity are four former editors of Amazing Stories – Barry Malzberg, Patrick L. Price, Ted White and Joseph Wrzos (who edited under the pen name Joseph Ross).  Their tenures as editors of Amazing Stories spans nearly three decades and includes some of the most volatile, challenging and innovative periods in the magazine’s history.

Each of the board members has made important contributions to the genre, serving variously as authors, agents, editors, collectors and historians. Their combined experience with the genre provides the Amazing Stories project with access to an unparalleled wealth of information.

Steve has also commissioned Frank Wu, multiple Hugo Award winning artist, to create a re-imagining of  Frank R. Paul’s inaugural cover illustration for the magazine.  The cover art will be made available on a variety of different media and will be used as a fund raising and promotional vehicle.

Additional details about the Amazing Stories project can be found in Steve Davidson’s monthly column on the review blog Grasping for the Wind (10/21/11)

Those interested in following the project can visit the magazine’s website at Amazing Stories Mag (sign up for a newsletter is available there) and on its Facebook page.

Steve Davidson is a science fiction fan, blogger, curator of the Classic Science Fiction Channel website, author of several paintball books and currently edits the news and information website for paintball – 68Caliber.  He made application for the Amazing Stories trademarks in 2008 and was granted the marks in September 2011.

Steve can be contacted directly at steve.dav[email protected] (please put “Amazing” somewhere in the subject line) or by calling 603-290-0351


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