The Art and Artistry of Dublin 2019

By Sara Felix, Iain Clark, and James Bacon: The Dublin 2019 team have continued to work on a number of matters, even though the Worldcon is now a fond memory, and one of the projects that captured their imagination was having a record of the Art and Artistry that occurred for and at Dublin 2019 An Irish Wolrdcon. 

Sara Felix, James Bacon and Iain Clark have worked with Serena Culfeather from the Dublin 2019 Art Show and a host of brilliant artists on a post con publication for a while now, looking at and celebrating the Art and Artistry of Dublin 2019. 

As the team did this themselves, they found out things they had missed!

If you follow this link, you can then download the 46-page electronic PDF of The Art and Artistry of Dublin 2019.  

We are so very grateful to all the amazing artists who allow us to share and enjoy their work, and brilliance.  While we celebrate them, they brought so much to Dublin 2019 and we hope that as you enjoy this, you pursue and look for more of their fabulous work. 

We hope you enjoy it. 

5 thoughts on “The Art and Artistry of Dublin 2019

  1. I was very happy to cast my Fan Artist ballot for Iain Clark this year.

    Not only did he do a lot of stuff for that Worldcon, the work he did was excellent.

  2. Hi! I’m trying to help my friend find a French artist that he saw at the Art Show at Worldcon 2019. This PDF seems like it would be helpful, but the link to it from this page no longer works. Is there any way that I can still access it? Thank you!

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