The Binks Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens looks pretty promising, doesn’t it?

But what if it sucks! Brad Reed points to the video from YouTuber murdockmotion that plays on those fears by inserting Jar Jar Binks into nearly every frame of the Force Awakens trailer.

Though the humor is deliberately heavy-handed, a couple of shots are really funny.

12 thoughts on “The Binks Awakens

  1. I felt a great disturbance in teh Interwebz, as if millions of viewers had cried out and been speechified…

  2. He certainly doesn’t meet minimum standards on every production (consider the descent of Indiana Jones too… good/poor/decent/’nuke the fridge’…).

    And with the Jar Jar Binks trilogy that sucked through all three movies, he has shown he can’t even match the bad/good/repeat that Star Trek movies have managed.

  3. Dare I admit that I would think twice and maybe a third time about paying to see that movie at a theater.

    Hi. I’m Silly But True. I’m living one day at a time. And today was a good day. Monday night was my most difficult day in 10 years. I was watching Monday Night Football, and just felt the old demons calling to pull me back…

    Silly But True

  4. Fifth …

    Now I must find the official trailer to wash the taste of that out of my brain.

    If such a thing is possible.

  5. Silly but true, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you are feeling better today?


  6. We all remember that millions of eager Star Wars fans rushed to the theater the first day of The Phantom Menace’s release and got … Jar Jar.

    I’ll wait for the video.

  7. Mark Richards, may I suggest Brain Bleach? Guaranteed to do Something!* Fade that Jar-Jar memory as if it had never been!

    *not responsible for holes eaten into brains. Test on unused portion of brain before using. Follow all directions. No liability express or implied is assumed.

  8. @Lenore,
    Thanks for the concern, it was merely a play on my “addiction” to all things Star Wars; The new trailer debuted during Monday Night Football.

    But I am being half (a fifth?) serious when I say that if this were actually the real trailer I’d still go see it. Lol.

    Silly But True

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