The City of Smofly Love

Smofcon 30 will be held next year in Philadelphia, November 30-December 2, 2012. (Although no longer breaking news, I wanted to get it on record here for future reference.)

Smofcon 30’s theme will be “Building a Winning Team: The Right Player for the Right Position.” They’ll explore how to create and keep an organizing committee for every size convention and associated tasks such as:

  • defining the skill sets needed for a particular job
  • identifying a person’s skill sets (people, data management, logistics & planning, money handling, marketing and publications, computer and internet, theatrical, etc)
  • matching people to jobs to get the most enthusiasm and effort
  • keeping a geographically diverse committee together
  • evaluating yourself – figuring out which convention job(s) you’re best for

The 2012 Smofcon committee is: Joni Brill Dashoff, Laurie Mann, Ben Yalow, Todd Dashoff and Jim Mann.

Memberships cost $50 until February 29; $60 (3/1-9/30); $75 (10/1 and at door).

Smofcon 30 information is also available via Facebook and Twitter.