The Comic-Con Police Blotter

The first of two widely-reported assaults on cosplayers attending the San Diego Comic-Con resulted in an arrest. The other ended with street justice being meted out by a professional model dressed as Catwoman.

In the first case a cosplayer [name redacted] came to Comic-Con with friends but separated from them after a disagreement. She later was discovered on the side of a road, unconscious and bloody, her ID gone. When she awoke, she had no recollection of the event that caused her injuries.

Her mother’s appeal on Tumblr for help in finding out what had happened was widely copied online.

The next day (July 27) the San Diego Harbor Police arrested a suspect, a 29-year-old man, and charged him with sexual contact with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. [The victim’s identifying information has been redacted because the girl is a teen and she is the victim of a sexual crime.]SD Harbor Police Press release

In the second case, tv personality Alicia Marie (“Cardio World”) was in the Comic-Con Gaslamp area dressed as Tigra and taking photos when a man came up behind her and yanked her tail and pants down. Adrianne Curry, the first winner of the reality television series America’s Next Top Model, was on hand — attired as Catwoman — and sprang into action. Alicia Marie told her Facebook followers:

I just freaked out, screamed trying to keep my bottoms up — but Adrianne Curry literally took off after dude WITH her Catwoman whip and chased him down, beat his ass. Punched him across the face with the butt of her whip — he had zombie blood on his face – got on her costume. Katrina got in his face, Todd shoved him, the guy ran off – huge ruckus and yep some people got their cell phones out of course.

Earlier MSN ran a photo of Curry as Catwoman and two other cosplayers with a story on at-con harassment and Geeks for CONsent’s petition. However, Curry thought her answer was more practical:

People signing forms about violating girls isn’t helping.Try beating the shit out of em. I doubt the guy who’s ass I kicked will do it again.

Alicia Marie and Adrianne Curry

Alicia Marie and Adrianne Curry

Updated 07/30/2014: Redacted first victim’s identifying information.

5 thoughts on “The Comic-Con Police Blotter

  1. The other major websites reporting on this story have removed identifying info on the teenage victim and her family: comicsbeat dot com and graphicpolicy dot com.

    For the sake of the victim’s privacy and recovery, I think it’d be best if you removed the link to her Facebook page and her cosplaying nom de plume.

  2. Gene: I have redacted the identifying info as you suggested. There is no overriding reason to include it.

  3. An incident involving two attention-seeking tv personalities in which the perp gets away and there is no mention made of a police complaint being made — hmm, that couldn’t be a staged thing, could it?

  4. This is an example of exactly the sort of victim disbelief and discredit of which so many feminist activists have complained.

    “Jazz Baby”, what you have written can be taken as an attempt at libeling the women involved in the incident. Unless you have an eyewitness account to offer in support of your comment, or have actual information on behind-the-scene reason(s) to suspect falsehood, I respectfully — no, not respectfully, considering I’ve seen that style of coy cattiness directed at truthful people before — suggest you *shut up*.

    (Other readers’ mileage may vary in interpreting the post. So it goes.)

  5. I am truly pissed at all the victim-blaming/victim-shaming comments I saw at . She had drunk some alcohol. So what? She was (possibly — I don’t know, I haven’t seen it and won’t be seeing it) wearing some costume designed to draw attention. So what? Neither justifies sexual abuse!

    Women in their homes with all doors and windows locked, who are in their eighties, who are wearing flannel nightgowns from neck to instep, get raped. There was a serial rapist targeting exactly such women in St. Louis several years ago, eventually caught, convicted in multiple jurisdictions, and behind bars. This doesn’t remove the inappropriate stigma or personal suffering from these women.

    It doesn’t matter if women are sober or drunk.

    It doesn’t matter if women are stark naked or covered in the most severe Islamic women’s clothing.

    Rapists rape. It’s in their hearts. It’s in their minds. They are cruel, vicious, misogynistic monsters.

    Shut up about the young woman. Shut up about her alcohol level. Shut up about her state of dress. JUST SHUT UP ABOUT HER.

    (I’m sorry, Mike, this has really gotten under my skin.)

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