The Game of Fashion

If winter’s really coming, you’ll have to change into something warmer. By then George R.R. Martin may have stopped croggling over these “GRRM Leggings” he discovered on sale from Poprageous.

GRRM leggingsGRRM Leggings

$80.00 USD

I HAD to make these leggings to pay homage to George R. R. Martin, the mastermind behind Game of Thrones. GRRM, you tha real MVP!

Some of the other Poprageous leggings will also be popular with the svelter geeks.

Rule the galaxy COMP

J.Q. Hammer; Rule the Galaxy Leggings

$80.00 USD

J.Q. Hammer began drawing at an early age, and pursued his artistic ability through high school and onto college, where he was the head of the art department for his community college newspaper. Shortly thereafter, he attended the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, CA.

People took notice of his unique art style and as a result, he has worked for various companies and individuals, illustrating everything from comic books, children’s books, storyboarding, white board business cartoons, posters, CD covers, game artwork, and has even dabbled in animation and body painting. He has also had several successful Kickstarter campaigns, one of which being a western reimagining of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Rocket leggings COMPRocket Leggings

$80.00 USD

3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

(Awesome space platforms not included.)

harlequin3 COMPRask Opticon: Harley Quinn Leggings

$80.00 USD

Born in Los Angeles in the 70’s, Rask Opticon found himself drawn to the graffiti that graced the streets of his hometown. His early influences ranged from street art and video games to cartoons. This led to an interest in Anime in his teens – a medium where storytelling and vivid imagery combined.

He now takes on a vast array of different mediums – canvas painting with airbrush and paint brushes, digital painting with a graphic tablet, sculpting, spray paint and the list goes on! His is style of art is described as dark, vivid, cybernetic/electronic, fantasy and sometimes cute or like someone once said,” it’s like a distortion of life.” It’s like art with a Bi-Polar disorder with no remedy in sight.

Gold Robot Leggins COMP

Gold robot leggings

Gold Robot Leggings

$80.00 USD

Let your inner robot out!

9 thoughts on “The Game of Fashion

  1. GRRM said in his blog that, as far as he knows, he does not earn anything from this. I’m surprised you can use someone’s image like that, without permission…

  2. My problem with some of these is that I don’t automatically register what the designs are. This means I may end up rudely staring at someone’s lower half while I’m trying figure out the pattern on the legging.

  3. There are a lot of things you *can* do, right up to the point where the lawyers get involved and you find out that you really should not have.

  4. I might wear some of those but the one with George Martin’s face? I’m amazed, but I bet some people are buying it. It’s easy to print these now. These will not hold up in the wash, I don’t think. The ink will also crack off and stain due to sweat.

  5. @Amy, they’re probably a dye-sublimation transfer onto polyester spandex (the website didn’t say anything about fiber content or tech). At least that’s how I would do it. Doesn’t change the hand or stretch of the fabric at all, and they dye is permanently bonded to the fabric.

    But they probably will stain.

  6. Dear Scarlet Pimpernel: That was a rather funny comment, but I’m not going to post it to the internet. Just wanted you to know it wasn’t completely wasted.

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