8 thoughts on “The Orville: Official Trailer

  1. It’s SF on Fox and looks expensive, so they’ve probably cancelled it already.

  2. We need a show like this. I’m not convinced that this show is the show like this we need — but I can be.

  3. I’d rather have Galaxy Quest II, or a movie of “Redshirts”.

    Also Palicki should still be on SHIELD.

    Also, can the manatees write Star Trek pastiche? How many fart jokes will there be? How casually racist/sexist/homophobic will it be?

  4. Ugh, the “bickering ex-es” thing is just so tiresome and unenjoyable.

    Given that it’s a Seth McFarlane brainchild, I am not optimistic.

  5. Y’know, Hogan’s Heroes may have been tasteless as all hell, but at least it was funny. This looks like somebody trying to do the same thing to Star Trek that Hogan’s Heroes did to WWII, only they got the writers from Beavis and Butthead instead.

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