The Portal to Meredithia

By Daniel Dern: Items:

• Happily, I’d picked up my library reserve for NESFA’s Zenna Henderson: Ingathering collection earlier in the week… before the library shut its doors for who knows who long. (The same announcement indicated our library would be closed to patrons for a to-be-determined time. Will they auto-extend overdue books that can’t normally be renewed? Or are staff still working, so we’re expected to drop ’em through the book slot?)

• Portals to (and from) Narnia, Fillory, Earth-616 (Marvel’s core universe, IIRC), and (DC) Earth-5 are closed except for emergencies. Any villian or other bad (big, small or just right) planning to cackle maniacally must be wearing approved safety face masks. Special masks for wolves and other snouted beings available.

• Even if you haven’t already been watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (on CW, available free via their app, etc.)

— Last week’s S4Ep6, “Mr Parkers Neighborhood,” has a great extended homage to Mr Rogers, in the last 3rd, IIRC. The trailer has only a small bit, get the episode (and speed through to it, if need be),

— This week’s S5Epp7: “Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness” hunts for Shakespeare, amidst their usual hijinks. For trailer, see “’DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’? You Might Want to Sit Down for This: Marc Guggenheim’s Already Teasing Arrowverse’s NEXT Crossover”

— Two weeks ago, S4Ep5, included Gengis Khan, so, unsurprisingly, at one point, one of the Legends cries out, “Khaaaaaaaan!”

• In a recent episode of The Magicians, another helpful use of media-familiar characters…(roughly) “OK, since I know you’ve see Loopers, you know all the dangers of trying to change the past.”

9 thoughts on “The Portal to Meredithia

  1. Finished INGATHERING this morning.
    Note (in case it hasn’t been itemized or comment-posted elsewhere), the new MISS FISHER & THE CRYPT OF TEARS movie pops up on Acorn (streaming channel) on March 23. Yes, it’s a pay channel, but they offer a free month. They’d posted a coupon code recently.

  2. L.A.’s library system announced they’re going to autorenew everything though the end of June; nothing will be overdue before then.

  3. @Laura that may be because they don’t have staff coming in to empty the book drop bins. They don’t want patrons jamming in books that don’t fit, or, worse, leaving them outside, after all.

  4. @Cassy B
    In their email they said that they didn’t want the possibility of their shelves getting overwhelmed (things coming in, nothing going out).

    They are also auto-renewing everything. I didn’t happen to have any physical items out right now. Thank goodness for the digital collection!

  5. “Special masks for wolves and other snouted beings available.”

    LOL. 🙂 Thanks for the tip re. the Miss Fisher movie, BTW, and FYI there’s also a “Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries” – a spin-off with her niece. I’m passing along all this Fisher info to my spouse, who is a fan. (I’m a little skeptical about a “modern” version, but what do I know; I’ve never watched the original and I’m not into murder mysteries anyway.)

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