The Stan Freberg/Ray Bradbury Connection

Ray Bradbury and Stan Freberg at Comic Con 2009

Ray Bradbury greets Stan Freberg at Comic Con in 2009. Photo by John King Tarpinian.

Stan Freberg, yesterday’s birthday boy, was a close friend of Ray Bradbury’s. Ray served as best man when Stan married Hunter — Ray having introduced the newlyweds.

The two friends had a reunion in the aisles at the 2009 Comic Con: Freberg was 82 and Bradbury was 88 and both made the rounds in wheelchairs. (See more photos of Ray with famous people from that con in John King Tarpinian’s article John and Ray Attend Comic Con 2009.)

A few years later Freberg was a speaker at Comic Con’s Bradbury memorial (2012).

Stan Freberg

Stan Freberg

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  1. From the headline, I was sure you were going to mention the amazing Sunsweet Prunes commercial.

  2. Oops! I read yesterday’s post before any comments had been posted on same. Still, great commercial, and knowing the link between the two men only makes it more enjoyable.

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