The Yoda of Oz

yodaYoda will be in an episode of Star Wars Rebels airing January 5 on Disney XD.

Though Rebels takes place between the two Star Wars movie trilogies — a time when the few surviving Jedis are in hiding from the Empire — the 800-plus-year-old icon is drawn from hiding to offer counsel to fledgling Jedi knight Kanan and his new padawan, Ezra, on the remote planet of Lothal. The twist: He only “appears” as a disembodied voice.

Best of all, it will be Frank Oz speaking, who has voiced the character of Yoda in five Star Wars films.

3 thoughts on “The Yoda of Oz

  1. My brother’s pal Steve Blum provides the voice for Zeb so I really need to watch this at least once!

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