9 thoughts on “This Sounds Like A Job For — The Laundry

  1. If this is in the US, its probably a job for the Black Chamber. Who tend to be a little more … stereotypically American about their ways of dealing with this sort of thing. So he should probably be worried anyway 🙂

  2. Uh, oh, looks like someone “made tea”. That could be very bad indeed.

  3. 2 eggs for $450? What kind of eggs? At least monsters are fairly cheap – the eggs (one hopes) are cheep….

    I think the Black Chamber would have “issues” with a gay goth couple named Pinky and The Brain. Maybe not – even the FBI has hit perception level One that the cyber security folks they need to hire have smoked pot at least once….

  4. How do you find a secret govt organization? Not like they have a website like nsa.gov – umm, never mind.

  5. bandit: or just speak loudly and clearly into the flower arrangement.

    Or just pick up your phone and talk to them (no phone call required)

  6. MickyFinn: I need to fix my tin-foil hat because they can hear thoughts…..

  7. Here was my missed oppurtuntiy, truly:

    The other day, when walking in the neighborhood, someone had a FULL
    OPERATIONAL REPLICA of the van (“The Mystery Machine”) from SCOOBY DOO parked in front of their house… I figured it would be there again, but no…

    We could have run a photo, saying what the heck was the van doing here?

    –And then shown this sign, truly a few blocks away…!

    (Of course, if I see Shaggy, and Thelma and Daphne and Scooby across the next few days…)

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