Thog Has No Blog

But Thog does have a website —

“Thog’s Masterclass” started running in Ansible in August 1994 — will the LonCon 3 Worldcon committee celebrate the 20th anniversary?

While Dave Langford has been publishing selected quotes from wretched sf/fantasy since 1979, Thog’s name was put on the marquee after Dave worked with the character’s creator, Paul Barnett, on the Eastercon newzine.

Who is Thog?

Thog the Mighty, a not terribly bright barbarian hero, is the creation of John Grant (Paul Barnett) in his “Lone Wolf” fantasy novels loosely based on Joe Dever’s gamebooks. Thog first appeared in The Claws of Helgedad (1991), and attained front-cover stardom in The Book of the Magnakai (1992)…

Everything’s up-to-date at Find material using the “Search, Loot & Pillage Engine” or just hit the “I Feel Unlucky” button and let the “Thog-o-Matic Random Selector” choose for you…

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