“Timeless” Gets Surprising Stay of Execution

NBC has reversed its decision to cancel time-travel series Timeless. Today the network said it has renewed the show for a second season.

Timeless was voted fans’ top choice for renewal in USA TODAY’s annual Save Our Shows poll, with 49% of participants in a record 146,000-vote turnout wanting to bring it back. Timeless outranked 23 other series considered “on the bubble.”

This year’s turnout of 146,603 votes marked a new record for Save Our Shows, now in its 20th year. And Timeless star Matt Lanter, who plays Wyatt Logan, a soldier in a team trying to stop a villain from changing history, is thrilled. “That’s incredible to hear. Fan passion for this show is so high,” he says of the #RenewTimeless movement. “I just hope we get to make more of it, obviously for selfish reasons, but also because the fans deserve it.”

4 thoughts on ““Timeless” Gets Surprising Stay of Execution

  1. I’ve been enjoying “Timeless” – the villains are reminiscent of the villains in Michael Flynn’s “In the Country of the Blind” (the villains in that book don’t have time travel, but do have an ability that is similar, and both groups seem to have similar goals – to become aristocratic rulers of a society of techno-peasants).

  2. Surprising but welcome. Now if “Rufus” will just shave off that stupid beard that makes him look so much less cute.

  3. I really enjoyed how the individual episodes of Timeless unfolded, with the White City serial killer was particularly good. I look forward to how their second unfolds.

  4. I really enjoyed Timeless, and kept up with it through the season. I’m so glad we will get more, especially with the last episode revelations!

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