Today’s Birthday Boys 12/16

The astrological sign for those born this day, December 16, is the Rocket in the constellation of Hugo.

1917 – Arthur C. Clarke

  • Four Hugo-nominated novels: A Fall of Moondust, Rendezvous with Rama (won 1984), The Fountains of Paradise (won 1980), and 2010: Odyssey Two. Several nominations for other works. His classic short story “The Star” won in 1956.

1927 – Randall Garrett

  • Two Hugo-nominated  novels, Too Many Magicians and Brain Twister (aka “That Sweet Little Old Lady,” written in collaboration with Laurence Janifer and published under the pseudonym Mark Phillips.) Also the author of one Hugo-nominated short story.

1928 – Philip K. Dick

  • Two Hugo-nominated novels, The Man in the High Castle (won 1963) and Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said. Also a Hugo nominee for a novelette.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Birthday Boys 12/16

  1. Not to mention Ludwig van Beethoven and Jane Austen, among others. But they weren’t into SF as we know it.

  2. Let’s not forget genre media giant Steven Spielberg also has a B-day today. He’s a spry 68 years old today.

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