Todd Frazier Passes Away

Todd E. Frazier

Ed Meskys reports that Todd Frazier, his friend and partner in the fanzine Niekas, died February 8. He was 57.

Two papers in Frazier’s hometown ran obituaries, The Citizen of Laconia here and the Laconia Sun here.

Sherwood Frazier said about his brother, Todd’s, interest in sf and fantasy:

Growing up Todd developed an early interest in books and reading. He had amassed a very respectable comic book collection and was an avid stamp collector in his younger years. His real passion when it came to books however; was Science Fiction & Fantasy, his apartment was a reflection of this with numerous book cases of SF & F books, futuristic art on the walls, and mementoes of the many Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Star Trek conventions he had traveled to. This interest led him to Ed Meskys of Moultonborough with whom he edited and helped publish a quarterly “Fanzine” about the genre of Science Fiction & Fantasy entitled “Niekas” for many years.