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Disney began promoting its movie Tomorrowland in 2013 with cryptic tweets and a mysterious box.

Now that the movie’s release is only seven months away they’re back to using conventional weapons of mass publicity – like this teaser trailer which I saw last weekend while attending Big Hero 6. (Tomorrowland comes to theaters May 22, 2015.)

The first hints about Tomorrowland came early in 2013 from photos of an old banker’s box labeled “1952” tweeted by filmmakers Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof. Widespread speculation about the contents of the box followed.

Last August during D23 the duo brought the mystery box onstage with them and spent their time rummaging through its contents.

But at that very moment the real secrets of Tomorrowland were more likely to be learned in Vancouver, not Anaheim, where the producers had built a replica of the 1964 New York World’s Fair and the plot was thickening.

A leaked synopsis seems more credible now after seeing the New York World’s Fair set that crew have built on the Main Mall at the University of British Columbia (UBC). According to ScreenRant, when Frank Walker is a boy he learns about Tomorrowland at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. There he meets David Nix who shows off his successful work and tells the youngster to come back when he is older and his inventions work.  A young girl Athena  (actually a robot)  is the one who sneaks young Frank into Tomorrowland where Nix is the Mayor who decides to throw him out. What happened to Tomorrowland?  Does it still exist in an alternate dimension? Young Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), now middle-aged inventor Frank Walker (George Clooney) and still young robot Athena (Raffey Cassidy) team up to save it from Mayor Nix (Hugh Laurie), who values technical accomplishment over creativity.

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7 thoughts on “Tomorrowland Teaser Trailer

  1. I can still remember, as though it were yesterday, that pavilion of the future, at the fair by the bay, the truly amazing World’s Fair, as it was, in 1965… (And when I’m lucky, it can still inhabit my dreams.)

  2. Over and over again a Writer or group of people with tremendous imagination (like the Authors in Heinlein’s The Number of the Beast) create worlds which until I encountered them I didn’t realize I had wanted to live in them all my life. Anything better than the sad, dying world in which we are all incarcerated instead.

    “What did I want?

    “I wanted a Roc’s egg. I wanted a harem loaded with lovely odalisques less than the dust beneath my chariot wheels, the rust that never stained my sword. I wanted raw red gold in nuggets the size of your fist and feed that lousy claim jumper to the huskies! I wanted to get up feeling brisk and go out and break some lances, then pick a likely wench for my droit du seigneur — I wanted to stand up to the Baron and dare him to touch my wench! I wanted to hear the purple water chuckling against the skin of the Nancy Lee in the cool of the morning watch and not another sound, no any movement save the slow tilting of the wings of the albatross that had been pacing us the last thousand miles.

    “I wanted the hurtling moons of Barsoom. I wanted Storisende and Poictesme, and Holmes shaking me awake to tell me, ‘The game’s afoot!’ I wanted to float down the Mississippi on a raft and elude a mob in company with the Duke of Bilgewater and the Lost Dauphin.

    “I wanted Prester John and Excalibur held by a moon-white arm out of a silent lake. I wanted to sail with Ulysses and with Tros of Samothrace and eat the lotus in a land that seemed always afternoon. I wanted the feeling of romance and the sense of wonder I had known as a kid. I wanted the world to be what they had promised me it was going to be — instead of the tawdry, lousy, fouled-up mess it is.” — Glory Road by Robert A. Heinlein

    There was more than one time in my youth at which if I heard the hum of a Federation transporter, or the wheeze/groan which always accompanies the TARDIS, or I had received the offer that Peter Pan gives Wendy, Michael, and John or as George Clooney makes above, I would have run straight toward it with all the joy Billie Piper as Rose Tyler put on her face as she ran to the TARDIS at the end of the episode “Rose”.

    I’m too old now. Like Wendy, I’ve outgrown the ability to jump at those things, having to leave it to my sons as Wendy did to her daughter Jane. I am tied in a web of responsibilities I freely chose, and cannot leave as they are a matter of self-imposed duty and love. Only in your youth do you have a chance to respond to someone offering you the Heart’s Desire you never knew you had until that moment, or the Adventures of Lifetimes.

    I made my choices, good and bad, and have to live with the consequences of them. But when I look at what could have been if only, I die inside a little and cry outside a little more.

    (I’m sorry for the typos in the earlier versions of this posting. I need a new keyboard, so the mundane world wins again.)

  3. But David, some times, you’ll hear the joy in the laughter of children playing, or a pretty gal will smile at you out of nowhere, or a strange cat will suddenly appear on your doorstep, or at your feet, expecting to be pet–

    (Or perhaps a bird who has absolutely no business being there, will fly up to your windowsill, as just happened a moment ago!)

    And you’ll know that there’s a God in the universe, and anything, if even within a more limited range, is possible.

    If the devil is in the details, he only wins, when we give up hope.


  4. The trailor tells you little, but leads me to suspect that this is an attempt — like Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion — to create a movie around a Disney attraction, and stir up interest in the attraction again. But who knows?

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