Too Soon To Laugh? Harrison Ford Has Surgery

Harrison Ford underwent surgery to treat a broken pelvis and ankle sustained in yesterday’s crash of a vintage WWII training plane at an LA-area golf course. However, the prediction that the 72-year-old actor will make a full recovery has freed the wits of the internet to post faux news photos like these —

4 thoughts on “Too Soon To Laugh? Harrison Ford Has Surgery

  1. To anyone who thinks there’s anything funny about Harrison Ford’s plane crash or injuries, I say *you* crash land an aircraft without hurting anyone on the ground. Then make jokes.. *You* break your pelvis and arm and undergo surgery for it. Then laugh. Not before…

    Curt Phillips, RN
    Surgical Nurse

  2. I guess it was appropriate for the actor who played Indiana Jones to crack up a vintage plane this way … The cynic would only have cause to laugh if “Indiana Jones” simply fell and died crying “I can’t get up” to a broken speaker across the room.

  3. Hopefully he filmed all his star wars scenes or we me wnd up with han frozen in carbonite again.


    I’ve long held the opinion that an actor can’t convincingly portray a character over the long term unless there is some of that character within her or him — I think Mr. Ford has shown that Han Solo and Indiana Jones are parts of his own personality enlarged and placed into focus. The dashing pilot and adventurer come from within him. If this weren’t the case, he wouldn’t be doing what he does, including rescues, saving lives, and making emergency landings which keep anyone else from being hurt.

    Curt Phillips is right. I’ve helped with the care of patients who have suffered broken pelvises and hip replacements, and the recovery is lengthy and painful. Not everybody can manage it, and wind up bed- or wheelchair-limited for the rest of their lives.

    This man is a character out of Heinlein walking among us: brave and noble with empathy and decency, and those who snipe at his injury do so because they know they cannot live up to his example.

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