Top 10 Posts for April 2014

So many bloggers used my checklist of Larry Correia’s “Sad Puppies” recommendations that made the Hugo ballot as a convenient starting point for their comments that it became the most-viewed post in the history of File 770. It has surpassed by thousands of pageviews the ever-popular graphic of Sir Terry Pratchett’s coat-of-arms (which owes its record to being periodically rediscovered by Reddit.)

Kerfuffles, obituaries and the Hugo nominee announcements supply the balance of File 770’s ten most-viewed posts for April 2014 according to Google Analytics.

1. Somewhere Puppies Are Smiling
2. Wright Quits SFWA, Torgersen To Follow
3. USA Today Weighs In On Hugos
4. William H. Patterson Jr. (1951-2014)
5. The Invisible Fanwriter Hugo
6. Larry Correia’s Vulgar Blog Post – His Word
7. 2014 Hugo Nominees
8. The Quiet Man
9. Tribute To Bill Patterson
10. 1939 Retro Hugo Nominees