Top 10 Posts for April 2015

An announcement that April’s Top 10 consists entirely of Hugo- or Sad Puppy-related posts can only lead to charges of bloc voting, so I also have generated a second “top 10” of posts having nothing to do with those topics.

Here are the month’s leading posts according to Google Analytics:

  1. Sasquan Replaces Two Ineligible Nominees on Hugo Ballot
  2. Entering the Lists
  3. Two Hugo Nominees Withdraw Their Stories
  4. Flow My Tears, the Sad Puppy Said 4/26
  5. Kate Paulk Uncovers a Conspiracy
  6. Send In The Puppies… Don’t Bother They’re Here 4/28
  7. Four and Twenty Puppies Smoked in a Pie 4/20
  8. All The Colors of Kibble 4/8
  9. I Sing the Puppy Electric 4/29
  10. The Demolished Puppy 4/27

April’s number one post is also the second most-viewed post of all time on this blog, behind Viewing the Remains of Bradbury’s Home.

Here are the top 10 non-Hugo, non-Puppy posts:

  1. There Will Be War, Again!
  2. Art Widner (1917-2015)
  3. Benjanun Sriduangkaew Update
  4. 2014 BSFA Awards Announced
  5. 2015 Locus Recommended Reading List Appears
  6. Bujold Novel Among 11 New Baen Acquisitions
  7. Is Your Club Dead Yet?
  8. Recalling the First World Science Fiction Convention
  9. Monster Hunter Tales Anthology Announced
  10. The Game of Fashion


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts for April 2015

  1. Now that this post has slipped off the front page, i’d like to Thank You for having Non-Puppy Non-Hugo content. Amidst the slinging of photons Left and Right i’m kind of happy the my suggestion of Craig Ferguson as Hugo M.C. went nowhere. He’d be unable to contain himself with VD jokes…
    (I still reserve the right to try to get him to a WorldCon in the Future)

  2. The two separate lists are definitely appreciated. They let us see both what was looked at and what was looked at without the news-distortion of the Hugo story.

    I also appreciated the wry bloc joke.

    Won’t it be nice when this year’s Hugo pandowdy is all past.

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