Top 10 Posts For April 2016

Sure, the Hugos were the biggest story in April, and the impact of the slates was the biggest Hugo story. However, the new Dragon Awards, and David A. Riley’s reasons for leaving a Horror Writers of America awards jury, were pretty big news too.

Here are dual Top 10 lists – the leading Pixel Scrolls, and the best-read news posts.

Top 10 News Posts

  1. Measuring The Rabid Puppies Slate’s Impact on the Final Hugo Ballot
  2. Dragon Con Launches Its Own SF Awards
  3. Thomas A. Mays Withdraws His Hugo-Nominated Story
  4. SFWA Mass Autographing May 13
  5. Riley Off HWA Award Jury
  6. 2016 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis Shortlist
  7. No Time For Yeomen (Don’t Tell Janice Rand)
  8. HWA on Bram Stoker Award Jury Controversy
  9. What Did You Nominate for the 2016 Hugos?
  10. Status Report

Top Ten Scrolls

  1. Pixel Scroll 4/28/16 All My Hugos
  2. Pixel Scroll 4/6/2016 I Saw A Scroll Drinking A Pina Colada At Trader Vic’s, His Pixel Was Perfect
  3. Pixel Scroll 4/18/16 It’s Better To Pixel Out, Than To Scroll Away
  4. Pixel Scroll 4/8/16 “…And He Built A Crooked Mouse.”
  5. Pixel Scroll 4/27/16 One Pup, Two Pup, Mad Pup, Sad Pup.
  6. Pixel Scroll 4/9/16 Little Old Lady Got Nominated Late Last Night
  7. Pixel Scroll 4/20/16 Through the Scrolling-Glass
  8. Pixel Scroll 4/29/16 Dr. Strangelist
  9. Pixel Scroll 4/7/16 Pixels On Earth, Fifth To All Mankind
  10. Pixel Scroll 4/17/16 Hives of Light