Top 10 Posts for August 2011

The Hugo’s past and future generated a lot of interest last month. A series of posts tracing major changes in the zine categories attracted widespread attention, while Mark Plummer’s column for Strange Horizons generated discussion about the award’s earliest history.

The Worldcon also produced several top news stories, including the sad loss of Bill Trojan who passed away near the end of the con.

Here are the Top 10 posts for August 2011, according to Google Analytics:

1. Business Meeting Votes Zine Category Changes
2. Inside the 2011 Hugo Voting Statistics
3. Bill Trojan Passes Away
4. Semiprozine Hugo Committee Releases Report
5. Scoring the Proposed ‘Zine Hugo Amendments
6. Mark Plummer on Hugo History
7. Huett: The 1953 “Hugo Awards”
8. Ties for the Best Novel Hugo
9. LoneStar Con 3 Announces Guests
10. Hugo Linkage