Top 10 Posts For August 2013

Links from higher trafficked sites pointing with alarm to news about a motion to repeal the fan Hugos and the aborted plan to show Song of the South at LSC3 drove those posts to the top of the list – rocketing past every bookmaker’s pick for story of the month, Vox Day’s (Theodore Beale) expulsion from SFWA .

Here are the Top 10 Posts for August according to Google Analytics.

1. Give ‘em the Axe!
2. LSC3 Programming Kerfuffle
3. Winter Worldcon Is Coming
4. Marty Gear (1939-2013)
5. Day Out of SFWA
6. Zakem: Whither Midwestcon
7. UK Fan Pamela Boal Passes Away
8. SFWA Discipline
9. Taral: Touch Down!
10. Stamp Petition Gets Big Publicity, Little Response