Top 10 Posts For August 2014

Ordinarily the announcement of the Hugo winners itself is a top post, but this year what everyone really wanted to know was what Larry Correia thought about the winners – in particular, not being one of them.

Otherwise, the most popular report from Loncon 3 contained Francis Hamit’s photos from the masquerade. Another post with his final take on the Worldcon was also widely read.

Here are the top 10 posts from August 2014 according to Google Analytics.

1. Hugo Statistics Dress Sad Puppies in Black Armbands
2. Somewhere Puppies Are Smiling
3. A Bouquet of Masquerade Photos From Loncon 3
4. Get Those Old People Off My (Artificial) Grass
5. The Chess Lives of Fritz Leiber and George R.R. Martin
6. Cosplayer’s Injuries Were From Fall
7. Talking Past Each Other
8. Ellison’s Counselor
9. Arlene Martel (1936-2014)
10. Final Notes on Loncon 3