Top 10 Posts For February 2012

Who was File 770’s top newsmaker last month? Harlan Ellison, naturally.  A lot of fans came to read with relief what he had to say about his turnaround – the discovery he had treatable clinical depression, rather than something fatal as he originally believed.

Some of the most popular posts came from guest bloggers John Hertz, James Bacon and Andrew Porter.

And news about awards, comics and stfnal political correctness continued to be as popular as ever.

Here are the Top 10 posts for February 2012 according to Google Analytics:

1. #4 With a Bullet
2. Before Watchmen – A Dissenting Voice
3. Monty Python Flies Again, Sorta
4. Hertz: What Do You Mean, Plergb?
5. James Bacon: Vote for Irish SF Series
6. Why Princesses Need Chiropractors
7. Mars Exploration Budget Being Chopped
8. Porter: How Raccoons Boosted Shoenherr’s Career
9. SFWA Releases 2012 Nebula Nominees
10. WSFA President Suffers Heart Attack