Top 10 Posts For February 2016

Three H’s — Hugos, harassment, and hospitalization — generated hundreds of comments on last month’s most-read posts.

The Pixel Scroll with the highest views in February checked off all three boxes — Pixel Scroll 2/24/16 Happy Jack Wasn’t Tall But He Was A Scroll.

Overall, the second most read post last month was about Mark Oshiro’s harassment complaints, which naturally means it tops the list of February’s 10 most-read non-Scroll posts.

  1. Mark Oshiro Says ConQuesT Didn’t Act On His Harassment Complaints
  2. E Pluribus Hugo Tested With Anonymized 2015 Data
  3. MAC II Statement on Data Release for EPH Testing
  4. 2016 Nebula Nominations
  5. Sanford Challenges WFC About Missing Safety Policies
  6. 2016 Locus Recommended Reading List Published
  7. Bud Webster (1952-2016)
  8. Goodreads Deletes Vox Day, Rabid Puppies
  9. SF Scholar Rob Latham Fired by University of California
  10. Morris Keesan Hospitalized

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