Top 10 Posts for February 2018

The short month of February was barely long enough to hold all the news. Jon Del Arroz’ campaign to fund a lawsuit against the Worldcon has been continually discussed, with 198 comments in 10 days. Filers also have had a lot to say about Kathryn Cramer’s request that the Readercon Board look into charges that its program director engaged in age discrimination while trimming their invitation list.

And it now seems a long time ago that Lou Antonelli surprised everyone by apologizing for his claim that Camestros Felapton is an alias for Foz Meadows’ husband, but that was also a hot topic in February.

Top 10 Posts

  1. Jon Del Arroz Threatens to Sue Worldcon 76
  2. Pixel Scroll 1/29/18 The Man Who Scrolled The Moon
  3. Pixel Scroll 2/5/18 I Get No Pixels From Champagne
  4. Pixel Scroll 2/11/18 ’The Scroll of Doctor Pixel And Other Stories’ And Other Stories
  5. Pixel Scroll 2/6/18 If Only The Contents Matched The Packaging
  6. Pixel Scroll 2/3/18 As God Is My Witness, I Thought Pixels Could Scroll!
  7. Pixel Scroll 1/30/18 The Man Who Mooned The Scroll
  8. Foz Meadows on Other Prospective Apologies
  9. Pixel Scroll 2/1/18 Five Little Pixel Scrolls, Argued On The Floor, One Used A Fallacy, And Well, There Were Still Five
  10. Pixel Scroll 2/13/18 Contents Of The Pixels May Have Scrolled During Flight

Top 10 Posts Excluding Pixel Scrolls

  1. Jon Del Arroz Threatens to Sue Worldcon 76
  2. Foz Meadows on Other Prospective Apologies
  3. Cramer Asks Readercon to Investigate Age Discrimination Charge
  4. Antonelli’s Apology Accepted By Foz Meadows and Camestros Felapton
  5. We Need To Do More Than Just Be Upset About Abuse In Fandom
  6. 2017 Recommended SF/F List
  7. Where To Find The 2017 Nebula Finalists For Free Online
  8. 2017 Nebula Awards Nominees
  9. Del Arroz Not Allowed To Attend Worldcon 76
  10. Neal Stephenson Wins 2018 Robert A. Heinlein Award