Top 10 Posts For January 2016

How Rabid Puppies planning shenanigans at Goodreads were discovered and booted from the site became the number one story here in January.

Otherwise, not counting the daily Scrolls, the next most-read posts involved Locus. Lois Tilton shook up the internet with the reasons she gave for ending her review column at Locus Online, and though she walked back the most alarming one, commenters still found plenty to spark discussion of the magazine and website’s review policies.

Here are the Top 10 (non Scroll) stories for January 2016 according to Google Analytics.

  1. Goodreads Deletes Vox Day, Rabid Puppies
  2. Locus Responds to Tilton Departure
  3. Lois Tilton Leaves Locus Online
  4. Suppose They Gave A Culture War And Nobody Came
  5. SF Scholar Rob Latham Fired by University of California
  6. There Will Be War Volume Ten
  7. Your Star Wars Spoiler Discussion Goes Here
  8. Ryan Kopf Sues Blogger Trae Dorn
  9. Are We Ready Again For George Pal’s Puppetoons?
  10. Online Nominations Open for 2016 Hugo Awards

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