Top 10 Posts for July 2011

It was Ace Reporter John Hertz delivering the news fans most wanted to read this month, like his observations about Westercon’s site selection woes that needed a 3-hour business meeting to resolve.

Jo Walton’s link to “Ties for the Best Novel Hugo” from her series “Revisiting the Hugos” yielded enough hits to vault an October 2010 post atop this month’s list. Jo disagrees with me about 1993’s Best Novel tie and it was very courteous of her to let the post speak for itself.

My favorite research project this month, “He Was the Dean,” traced the history of Murray Leinster and other contenders for the title “Dean of Science Fiction.”

Here are the Top 10 posts for July 2011, according to Google Analytics:

1. Ties for the Best Novel Hugo
2. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
3. He Was the Dean
4. Rule Makers and Rule Breakers
5. Hertz: Byers Will WOOF
6. Hertz: Wild Wild Westercon
7. Sturgeon Papers Donated  
8. Clark Rockefeller Will Face Trial in LA
9. In the Original Babylonian
10. Etiquette in Westeros

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts for July 2011

  1. I wouldn’t dream of doubting the infallibility of Google Analytics, and I’m sure there are excellent reasons why the #1 and #2 posts for July 2011 are dated 17 October 2010 and 2 November 2010. Time travel is the obvious answer, but maybe there’s a simpler one that escapes me?

    And only last week I reread Simak’s Time Is the Simplest Thing

  2. Now I notice your explanation of one of these, though not the other. Maybe I should wait until I’ve fully woken up before posting these things….

  3. The Pratchett post may have become an evergreen since Metafilter listed it. Or else there are so many people searching for a pic of Sir Terry’s coat of arms that my small share of the search engine traffic looks like a lot in comparison to the attention paid other posts on this site.

    I probably won’t include it in the Top 10 again, just as I never list the post with a picture of me and Sierra beside the squid eye at Sea World which has become a perennial internet favorite. I wrote that one under the influence of Cheryl Morgan’s theory that posts about giant squids get a lot of readers. It’s not the only post I’m guilty of writing for that purpose, but it is the only one to hit the jackpot.

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