Top 10 Posts For July 2012

It took only four days for the lugubrious Readercon story to become File 770’s second most-viewed news post ever. The events triggered an insatiable search news and comment about harassment at sf conventions and, as a byproduct, leading bloggers added this link to their lists. In fact, the Readercon post will shortly overtake the 2010 report of Peter Watts’ suspended sentence, only 60 hits ahead at this writing.

Here are the Top 10 posts for July 2012 according to Google Analytics:

1. Readercon Bans René Walling for 2 Years
2. The Man Who Fact-Checked Ray Bradbury
3. John Picacio’s Experiment
4. Steamy Outfits
5. Never Heard of Him
6. In Space, No One Can Hear You Rot
7. Tarpinian: A Comic-Con Tribute To Ray Bradbury
8. Scalzi Brings ‘Em Back Alive
9. BSFS To Host Writing Workshops
10. Patrick Stewart Carries Olympic Torch