Top 10 Posts for June 2011

The Hugos exerted their fatal attraction last month and lifted two posts to the top of the chart. Four other list-leaders demonstrated fans’ endless appetite for sf news from the UK.

But “Bheer Can Tower to the Moon”? Why such interest in a post from 2009? Most of the hits come from an international array of Google searches, so I think it’s a byproduct of people looking for the featured picture, a pyramid of beer cans. This image is not original with File 770, unlike another staple of the internet, that photo of Sierra and me posing beside a giant squid eye at Sea World. And if beer can searches start getting enough hits to make the Top 10 every month I will have to pass over this post for the same reason I skip the one about Sea World.   

Here are the Top 10 posts for June 2011, according to Google Analytics:

1. Those Insignificant Hugos
2. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
3. Terry Jeeves Passes Away
4. Do You Oink?
5. Mark Plummer at Strange Horizons
6. Bheer Can Tower to the Moon
7. Pern Coming to the Big Screen  
8. Harlan Ellison’s Hang-Up
9. I’ll Keep Looking
10. Personal Thoughts About the Fan Hugos