Top 10 Posts For June 2015

Activity in June was so intense that 19 of last month’s posts now rank among this blog’s 25 most-viewed of all-time.

The reason is the huge amount of dialogue in the comments section. Five posts drew over 1,000 comments.

“Lord Foul’s Baying,” the June 14 roundup, is not only the month’s top post but trails only the photo essay about the Bradbury house teardown as this blog’s most-read entry. It collected over 1,300 comments. The attraction was a large number of varied and popular discussions carried on simultaneously: Ray Blank sounded out the crowd about a Qatar Worldcon bid, both Brad R. Torgersen and John C. Wright participated in the debate, and others answered  “Who’s the author you have most of on your shelves?” That was also the day Tom Kratman left the building….

Once again I have prepared two Top 10’s, the second having nothing to do with Sad Puppies.

Here are the month’s leading posts according to Google Analytics:

  1. Lord Foul’s Baying 6/14
  2. The Dogcatcher In The Rye 6/17
  3. The Twilight Bone 6/10
  4. A Whippet of Earthflea 6/18
  5. Plan K-9 From Outer Space 6/16
  6. The Hound and the Fury 6/22
  7. The Day the World Turned Pupside Down 6/15
  8. The Castalia of Fu Manchihuahua 6/11
  9. The Scarlet Litter 6/21
  10. The Hammer of Tor 6/19

And here is the puppy-free Top 10:

  1. Novelettes Left Untouched in Revamped Best Saga Proposal
  2. Life During Wartime (Stories for the Dog Days)
  3. New Draft of Best Saga Proposal
  4. Baen Holds Vote For Best MilSF of 2014
  5. 2015 Locus Awards
  6. Hugo Award Rocket T-Shirt
  7. Snapshots 151 Bacardi
  8. 2014 Nebula Award Winners
  9. My Father, And The Brontosaurus
  10. A Heinlein Roundup