Top 10 Posts For June 2016

The month’s most-read post got that way thanks to a royal rumble in the comments between Brian Z. and all comers about awards campaigning and what Harlan Ellison had to say about it. It’ll be the last of its kind for a simple reason…. No more Brian Z.

These were the 10 most-viewed posts in June according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 6/2/16 Scroll Songs of an Old Pixel
  2. Pixel Scroll 6/15/16 Great Sky Pixel
  3. Chesley Awards 2016 Nominees
  4. Pixel Scroll 6/16/16 Schroedinger’s Kzin
  5. Pixel Scroll 6/21/16 Everybody In The Whole Scrollblock, Dance To The Pixelhouse Rock
  6. Pixel Scroll 6/13/16 Carry On My Wayward Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 6/19/16 MacArthur’s File Is Posting In The Dark, All The Sweet Green Pixels Scrolling Down
  8. Pixel Scroll 6/24/16 Porcupine Tree’s Yellow Pixel Dreamscroll
  9. Pixel Scroll 5/31/16 Every Bark a Doorway
  10. Pixel Scroll 6/23/16 Where The Scrolls Have No Name

And, Scrolls excluded, these 10 came next on the list of most-read posts in June.

  1. To Say Nothing of the Dogs; or, How We Confound the Hugos’ Third Slump (Hugo voting proposal discussion 5)
  2. Castalia Blog Posts Excluded from Hugo Packet
  3. James H. Burns Has Died
  4. Brighton WorldCon ‘87: A Slightly Delayed Report
  5. Announcing The Cult Movie Bracket
  6. All Hugo Nominees Who Finished Behind No Award Prior to 2015
  7. James Busby Passes Away
  8. Measuring The Rabid Puppies Slate’s Impact on the Final Hugo Ballot
  9. Evolving Convention Art Shows
  10. Baltimore Club Issues Statement About Balticon 50

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts For June 2016

  1. Are there any specific reason the Chesley Award post made 3rd place overall?

    The correlation between pageviews and comments seems to be relatively weak – for example, the post about exclusion from the Hugo packet have the same number of comment as the top scroll item.

    And I second Ray’s comment.

  2. Oh geez some of my most embarrassing moments on this blog are in the top 10 for June. My apologies to filers again for continuing to argue when I should have stopped participating in conversations which were going nowhere.

  3. Tasha (my predictive text keeps trying to autocorrect your name to Rasharkin!),

    xkcd386 is extremely hard to resist. I find myself relapsing on occasion, despite knowing it’s a trap!

    ETA: Don’t know why an Irish town is in my predictive text dictionary.

  4. @Johan P: possibly people from outwith the File were looking for a list of Chesley nominees and it came up that way?

    @Ray: I missed it too! But how glorious!

  5. I forgot to answer the question about the Chesley post. George R.R. Martin linked to it because artists who did covers or calendars for his work were listed. A large number of people came over to read the full list of results.

    He’s linked here before and it generated some traffic, but much more in the case. Maybe it helped that the news had nothing to do with the Hugos…

  6. No more Brian Z. Wow. In reaching for a new shining moment of troll he must have finally stepped over the line.

    It’s the end of an era.

  7. @Soon Lee
    LOL on my name.

    I wish it was a case of xkcd386 which was my most embarrassing moment last month. Unfortunately it was only the 2nd most embarrassing.

    @Mike Glyer
    I want to thank you for your recent bans. It has made File 770 a better place IMHO.

  8. Arise from the dead, or at least sleeping, o thread!

    I go on vacation and am catching up, now that I’m back, and I read this?! (I mean the Brian Z part, sorry; I’m always interested in the lists of top posts, Mike!)

    @Tasha Turner: “bans” plural???

    /thread necromancy

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