Top 10 Posts for June 2019

Peter S. Beagle’s victory in a California court was shared widely and cheered, giving it the biggest audience of any post in June.

Thousands also read the coverage of responses to Ulrika O’Brien’s BEAM 14 editorial tasking John Scalzi for “breaking the Hugos” (by winning Best Fan Writer 11 years ago), which inspired a lot of fans on social media to talk about their experiences at the hands of superannuated fannish gatekeepers.

Here are the ten most-read posts last month according to Google Analytics.

  1. State Judge Awards Peter S. Beagle $332K in Damages
  2. Broken Hearts and Hugos
  3. Pixel Scroll 6/5/19 En Pixel Cerrado, No Entran Scrolls.
  4. Pixel Scroll 6/9/19 It’s the Great Pixel, Churlie Brown!
  5. Pixel Scroll 6/11/19 When You Have Eliminated the Impixellable, Whatever Remains, However Unfileable, Must Be The Scroll
  6. Pixel Scroll 6/22/19 He Came Scrolling Across The Pixels With His Files And His Churls
  7. Pixel Scroll 6/6/19 Scroll Me Some Pixels And File Hacks, I Don’t Care If I Never Get Back
  8. Pixel Scroll 6/15/19 His Scroll Swooned Slowly As He Heard The Pixels Falling Faintly Through The Universe
  9. Pixel Scroll 6/23/19 A Filé Of Scroll, With Delicious Sauce Pixelaise And A Fifth Of Dill
  10. Pixel Scroll 6/24/19 The Beast That Shouted “It’s Too Dark In Here To Read!*@%#$” At The Heart (Of Darkness) In The World


  1. State Judge Awards Peter S. Beagle $332K in Damages
  2. Broken Hearts and Hugos
  3. 2019 Aurora Award Ballot
  4. YouTube Ejects Some Vox Day Videos
  5. What’s In The 2019 Hugo Voter Packet?
  6. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #41
  7. 2019 Recommended SF/F List
  8. Ed Kramer Let Out Of Jail and Returned to House Arrest
  9. Filers at Dublin 2019 Worldcon – A Discussion
  10. Where To Find The 2019 Hugo Award Finalists For Free Online
  11. Mazes of Power Cover Reveal