Top 10 Posts for March 2015

You know what they say – nothing is inevitable except death and Sad Puppies.

The passing of Terry Pratchett triggered a surge of internet activity so great in extent that a five-year-old post with an image of his coat-of-arms became the second most-read thing on this blog in March – exceeded only by readership for a tempestuous debate about the neverending Sad Puppies campaign.

Holly Lisle’s resignation from SFWA drove two other posts into the Top 10 as people vented about her associating a loathing for income tax with SFWA’s intent to obtain public grants.

Several long-lived controversies also resurfaced this month. WisCon finally drew a conclusion about a harassment complaint that had been open for two years. Benjanun Sriduangkaew decided it was a good time break a self-imposed silence, George R.R. Martin having just endorsed the author of an investigative report about her for the Hugo. And Chi-Fi’s chairman provided fresh examples of the public relations cluelessness he first displayed as a rookie in 2014.

Here are the top 10 posts for March according to Google Analytics.

  1. Paulk Proclaims Puppy Party 4
  2. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
  3. Lisle Resignation Follow-up
  4. WisCon Issues Report on Lemberg Complaint
  5. Benjanun Sriduangkaew Counterattacks
  6. Peggy Rae Sapienza (1944-2015)
  7. Holly Lisle Resigns from SFWA
  8. Chi-Fi Keeps The Fie In Sci-Fi
  9. Your Emergency Holographic 2015 Hugo Short Fiction Reading List
  10. Gen Con Threatens To Move If Indiana Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill