Top 10 Posts For March 2016

Registering the highest number of views in March was Pixel Scroll 3/22/16 The Scrolls Are Alive With The Sound of Pixels, with quotes from an array of people, some pleased to be on the Puppy lists, others trying to get off.

The ten non-Scroll posts attracting the most attention were —

  1. Sad Puppies 4 List
  2. 2016 Rabid Puppies Picks
  3. Spectrum 23 Award Nominations
  4. 2016 Hugo Administrator Answers Question About EPH Testing
  5. World Fantasy Award Design Competition Announced
  6. We Are ALL SF Con Cancelled
  7. SXSW Holds Online Harassment Summit
  8. Diana Pavlac Glyer Makes Statement About Bandersnatch Eligibility Year
  9. The Best Movie Space Battles
  10. Fans Will Crown Best Military SF Story of 2015

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