Top 10 Posts for May 2020

Heated discussion of news stories about and government responses to the pandemic generated over 180 comments on the May 3 Scroll, the most-read post last month.

However, File 770’s report about the heartbreaking destruction of a famed Minneapolis sff bookstore, and vandalism done to another, in the last two days of May became the non-Scroll with the greatest traffic.

Here are the month’s Top 10 posts according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 5/3/20 NCIS: Ringworld
  2. Pixel Scroll 5/25/20 Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Pixels How Do You Measure, Measure A Scroll?
  3. Pixel Scroll 5/7/20 They Probably Still Use Feet and Inches
  4. Pixel Scroll 5/16/20 The Diversity Of Pixels Prove That Scrolls Evolved From Files
  5. Pixel Scroll 5/20/20 Don’t Wait To Get Filed, There Are Pixels To Scroll And Boxes To Tick
  6. Pixel Scroll 5/24/20 He Was A Bug-Eyed, Lizard-Gorn, Filing Purple Pixel Scroller
  7. Pixel Scroll 5/27/20 Johnny Mnemonic B. Goode
  8. Minneapolis SF Bookstore Burned, Another Vandalized
  9. Pixel Scroll 5/17/20 Quit Airing Those Gripping Hands Through The Zoom
  10. Pixel Scroll 5/6/20 Look Dave, I Can See You’re Really Upset About This. Take A Pixel Scroll, And Think Things Over


  1. Minneapolis SF Bookstore Burned, Another Vandalized
  2. Where To Find The 2020 Hugo Award Finalists For Free Online
  3. 2019 Nebula Awards
  4. Westercons 73 And 74 Postponed For One Year Due To Covid-19
  5. CoNZealand Hugo Voter Packet Available
  6. Waiting For Online Hugo Voting And The 2020 Voter Packet
  7. Authorities Unexpectedly Greenlight Florida Con; Elsewhere Cancellations Mount
  8. 2019 BSFA Awards
  9. About Zelazny
  10. RWA Retires RITA Award, Announces Replacement, “The Vivian”