Top 10 Posts For November 2014

A beautiful new fandom may someday emerge like a butterfly, but right now the cocoon is filled with a lot of mess and spilled guts. Turnover in the WisCon and Context committees were top stories. As was the revelation that an online troll and a recent best new writer nominee were one in the same person.

This was also a month of bittersweet memory. The passing of Stu Shiffman was an opportunity to honor his gift of friendship and many accomplishments. And others who passed earlier were called to mind for any number of reasons – Frank Dietz, Ray Bradbury, Bob Tucker.

Here are the Top 10 posts for November 2014 according to Google Analytics.

  1. More Changes In WisCon Committee Revealed
  2. Stu Shiffman (1954-2014)
  3. A Case Study in Trolling
  4. Two More Con Code of Conduct Complaints Go Public
  5. The Great World War II Comic Book Myth
  6. Frank Dietz Passes Away
  7. Serendipity and Mr. Bradbury
  8. Glen Larson (1937-2014)
  9. A Century of Tucker
  10. Harlan Calls for Spinrad To Be Named SFWA Grandmaster