Top 10 Posts for November 2018

Robert Silverberg’s “Racism and Sexism” post, written in defense of his comment about N.K. Jemisin’s 2018 Hugo acceptance speech, and to counter Marta Randall’s statements about the editing of New Dimensions, was one of the most widely-read of the year.

In second place was the “Loscon 45 Incident” report, which answered questions for fans who asked what happened at the Thanksgiving weekend con after their curiosity was piqued by the committee’s announcement that a code of conduct violation was being investigated.

Here are the Top 10 posts for November 2018 according to Google Analytics.

  1. Racism and Sexism
  2. Loscon 45 Incident: What Happened, and the Committee’s Update
  3. Pixel Scroll 11/16/18 A Pixel May Not Scroll A Human Being, Or Through Inaction, Allow A Human To Be Scrolled
  4. Pixel Scroll 11/1/18 When You Gonna Give Me Some Time Scrollona
  5. Pixel Scroll 11/7/18 Neil Gaiman On A Mountain Of Books Holding a Kitten
  6. Pixel Scroll 11/22/18 Obie, I Don’t Think I Can Pick Up The Pixels With These Handcuffs On
  7. Pixel Scroll 11/15/18 Pixel Longstalking
  8. Pixel Scroll 11/13/18 If We Had Pixels We Could Have A Pixel Scroll, If We Had Scrolls
  9. Pixel Scroll 11/9/18 But The Pixel Has Passed, And It’s Daylight At Last, And the Scroll Has Been Long — Ditto Ditto My Song
  10. Pixel Scroll 11/20/18 Maybe The Real File Was The Pixels We Scrolled On The Way

Scroll-Free Top 10

  1. Racism and Sexism
  2. Loscon 45 Incident: What Happened, and the Committee’s Update
  3. Lee Billings (1956-2018)
  4. SCA Restricts “Symbols of Hate” and Updates Policies and Mission Statement To Be More Inclusive
  5. Fred Patten (1940-2018)
  6. Arisia Inc. Meets November 11 to Pick New Officers
  7. Doctor Who’s 770 Reference
  8. Arisia Inc. Posts Apology and Announces More Bans and Restrictions
  9. Arisia Inc. Election Results
  10. Loscon 45 Committee Statement